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6 Volumes and counting

Found Pilates Magazine
We are a digital Pilates magazine supporting our reader's inquisitive spirit for learning, expertise, and discovery.

Cover of Found Pilates Magazine Volume 2 with Rael Isacowitz, Pilates Master Teacher and Founder of Body Arts and Science International

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca Cook is the Founder and Editor of Found Pilates Magazine. In 2019, she left an abusive marriage, leaving her wondering how she would support her family and inspire her children to persevere through difficult circumstances. She was scared to start over again, unsure if she could come back to what she loved doing. Pilates had been a field she fell into almost twenty years ago. Rebecca enjoyed helping others see how they could use the tools in Pilates to fix imbalances in their bodies. She had also dabbled in photography and graphic design for several years. Over the pandemic year, a new vision came to her. Why not make a Pilates magazine for the students of Pilates? Why not embark on the Pilates journey together, where we can find support and community? Found Pilates Magazine was born. Rebecca is grateful to God for watching over her on this journey, for her husband, James, who has been her biggest cheerleader, and for her four amazing children, who continue to teach her where her heart is.


All Volumes are FREE to read online. To download a copy, please follow the steps below.

Magazines for Instant Download- Volumes 1-3. Other Volumes added soon.
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Who Loves Our Magazine?

Thank you for creating Found Pilates Magazine. Our Pilates community needs publications like yours. I enjoy reading these throughout the year!

Pamela Stalks

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