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Welcome to Found Pilates Magazine. We are a digital interactive Pilates publication devoted to giving you the latest tips, tricks, and info to make your Pilates journey a stellar one. We have YOU in mind. Joseph Pilates was years ahead of his time in creating a movement method that improves strength, balance, coordination, postural alignment, core strength, stability, and flexibility. His original movement method, which he called Contrology and was later named Pilates, is practiced throughout the world. Pilates helps you find your optimal health. It is a journey worth embarking on and one you will never regret or look back from. We encourage you to dive in with confidence and awe at the fascinating world of Pilates. What have you FOUND? Share your experience by sending your story to

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Found Pilates Magazines

Cover of Volume 2 of Found Pilates Magazine, a digital Pilates publication.

Volume 1

Alex Shaubhaut Long, owner of Grace Pilates and Yoga in New Orleans, Louisiana
Cover of Volume 2 of Found Pilates Magazine with Rael Isacowitz, Founder of Body Arts and Science International and Master Pilates Teacher

Volume 2

Rael Isacowitz, Master Pilates Teacher and Founder of BASI teaching Pilates client on the Cadillac.
Cover of Volume 3 Found Pilates Magazine featuring articles about Pilates elders, Ron Fletcher and Kathleen Stafford Grant

Volume 3

Kathleen Stafford Grant, Elder Pilates Teacher
Cover of Found Pilates Magazine Volume 4
Drawing by Kylie Yoshida of the Transverse Abdominus, a core muscle used in Pilates

Volume 4

Volume 5

Cover of Volume 5 Found Pilates Magazine
Ana, Owner of ELEMENTS by Momentum World

Volume 6

Cover of Found Pilates Magazine Volume 6
Sean Bergera, Pilates Teacher and Studio Owner and ELEMENTS loop and roll on the Pilates Reformer

Volume 7

Beth Bax headshot1.jpg

Volume 8

Coming Soon

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