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Buy Playstation Vr Headset

For the best PS VR experience on PS5 we recommend using a DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller. Selected games may require PlayStationMove motion controllers or be compatible with the PlayStationVR aim controller. The new HD camera for PS5 is not compatible with PS VR. The PS VR headset, PS Camera, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, PS Move controllers and PS VR aim controller are all sold separately from PS5.

buy playstation vr headset

It's also worth noting that the PSVR 2, Sony's next-generation VR headset built specifically for the PS5 is on the way, so if you're looking for the latest and greatest from Sony, it might be worth waiting for the sequel.

PSVR requires a PS4 (or PS5, via an adapter that you must request from Sony (opens in new tab)), and a PS4 camera. While this means yet more cables, it also means that the PSVR can offer benefits that the Quest cannot. The ability to play traditional 2D games on a virtual cinema-style big screen within the headset, and even (on PS4) the ability to watch 3D Blu-rays.

The PSVR 2 retails for $549.99 / 529.99 / AU$879.95, which is even more pricey than the PS5 required to make use of the headset. But the overall cost of ownership is probably less than most of the best VR headsets when you need to pair them with a gaming PC.

The PlayStation Direct site says that "due to high demand, this product is limited to 1 per household," so you'll have to choose whether you want a standalone headset or the PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle for just $50 more (opens in new tab).

Sony notes that "during this initial launch phase" PlayStation's official retail arm will be the exclusive retailer of the headset. But we expect the likes of Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy to sell units at some point, but we don't yet know exactly when that will be.

The PSVR 2 launched in the U.S. on February 22, 2023. It retails for $549 and the headset comes packaged with two PSVR 2 Sense controllers as standard. There is also a bundle that includes the Horizon Call of the Mountain game which will retail for $599 / 569 / AU$959.

PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle: for $599 @ PlayStation Direct (opens in new tab)For an additional $50, you can get the PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle. This bundle comes with the game Horizon Call of the Mountain, which impressed us during our testing and is currently the headset's flagship title.

PSVR 2: 529 @ PlayStation Direct (opens in new tab)The PSVR 2 is Sony's second-generation virtual reality headset. It leverages the power of the PS5 to truly immerse in the game. In the U.K. the headset cost 529 standalone or, for an additional 40, you can also get the PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle (opens in new tab). This bundle comes with the Horizon Call of the Mountain game, which we thoroughly recommend.

Alongside selling the headset standalone, Sony is also offering an official PSVR 2 bundle. The PSVR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle packages together the headset with a digital copy of the PSVR 2 exclusive title Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is the flagship first-party launch title for the headset.

However, if you have a PS4 and are eager to try out the original hardware for yourself, then any remaining PSVR deals could be better value for money. There's also the option to look out for Oculus Quest 2 deals instead if you really want to escape to the virtual realm and get a more future-proofed device. Our guide to all the cheap VR headset deals is also on hand if you want to spend a little less.

PlayStation VR Marvel's Iron Man Bundle: was $349.99 now $199.99 at GameStop (opens in new tab)This PSVR bundle has returned to GameStop in the US and is now available for $199.99 - that's $50 cheaper than the previous record low. It's still a fairly big price to pay when the new PSVR 2 tech is due to arrive in February 2023. Still, if you want the PSVR headset, PlayStation Camera, Move controllers and a copy of Marvel's Iron Man, this is one of the only places you can buy it.

It's crucial you buy a PS4 camera along with your VR headset if it's not already in the bundle, otherwise, it will not work. Don't pay more than the standard 45/$60 for the camera though. Sony released an updated, rounder (see image above) model with a built-in TV-mount and there are deals included in the chart below. The older PS4 camera is also compatible with PlayStation VR. If there's nothing tempting below, maybe try for a new/preowned unit via eBay?

Move wands are now more readily available as stock of the original PSVR headset has declined. That means if you already own the last-gen VR headset and want to see what the Move controllers are all about then you can find a pair relatively easily.

And that's about everything when it comes to the best PlayStation VR deals right now. As explained, the situation isn't exactly great considering the lack of cheap headsets available to buy, but if you've already got one you can find some accessories or games for less.

The PSVR 2 is available to preorder for $550 and comes with the headset and two Sense controllers. Alternatively, you can purchase a $600 bundle that comes with Horizon Call of the Mountain, the marquee PSVR 2 launch title. Like PlayStation 5 bundles, you're saving 10 bucks versus buying the hardware and game separately.

If you're a PS5 owner trying to decide whether the headset is for you, make sure to check out our PSVR 2 review, which praises its impressive tech while offering some skepticism on its position in today's virtual reality landscape.

"What Sony has created is a VR headset that can exist in the space between the affordable but underpowered Quest 2 and the expensive but powerful Index," critic Tamoor Hussain wrote. But much of what it offers can be found on cheaper devices like the Quest 2, which has the added benefit of being standalone and wireless. For enthusiasts--and people willing to push through motion sickness, like me--it's very impressive hardware that needs more software to actually impress them."

The upgrade in tech has naturally created an increase in price, however, as where the original PSVR was the best "budget" headset on the market, Sony's latest costs a hefty $549.99 - $50 more than the required PlayStation 5 console itself.

The PSVR 2 is going to suffer from severe sticker shock. On top of having to own a PS5, the headset costs $550. I'm mentioning this upfront because that's likely to turn a lot of people off before I even get to the perks of the system. But if you can bring yourself to spend more on an accessory than the console itself, there's a lot to love here.

Sony's new headset is a massive improvement over its predecessor in almost every way. Gone are the external camera and processor boxes. Now, you can just plug the headset directly into the front of your PlayStation 5. The old Move controllers (which were initially designed to compete with Nintendo's Wiimotes) have also been upgraded to more robust Sense controllers. It can even track your eye movements inside the headset itself.

The specs are also a vast improvement over its predecessor. Where the original PSVR had two 960 x 1,080-pixel resolution displays (one for each eye), the PSVR 2 bumps this up to 2,000 x 2,040. With more than twice as much detail, this is slightly better than the Meta Quest 2. They also support HDR, giving it one of the more vivid displays I've seen on a headset, especially at this price. In short, it's one of the best VR headsets you can get right now. Does that make it worth it?

Despite its added bulk, I found the PSVR 2 to be much easier to wear for extended periods of time than, say, the Meta Quest 2. While it left an obvious red mark on my forehead, it wasn't as painful. This is in part because it doesn't press quite as much on the sinuses, but also because the headset distributed weight more evenly around my head. I still wouldn't want to wear it for several hours, but I was able to play for an hour or two without major discomfort. In this case, bigger was definitely better.

The lenses inside the headset can be adjusted using a dial on the outside that will move them closer or further apart. This is crucial because if the lenses are misaligned, everything can get very blurry and difficult to focus on. For a lot of people, this is likely part of the reason they get headaches or motion sickness while using a headset. So, it's welcome to see the control so conveniently placed.

There are still precious few games for the PSVR 2. The headset isn't backward compatible with previous PSVR titles, and the huge libraries currently on platforms like PC or the Quest will take time to port over. But in some ways, that might be for the best. The PSVR 2 has features that most headsets don't have and, when a game makes proper use of them, they're incredible.

The eye-tracking is the standout feature here. After a brief initial calibration, the headset will be able to determine, generally, what you're looking at. It's accurate enough to use your eyes as a cursor in menus. Simply look at the option you want to select, and press a button. It worked so well that it took me a bit of time to adjust to the fact that reading an option and pointing at it are essentially the same thing.

The tracking rings make it pretty easy for the headset to track where your hands are, even when the only sensors are in the headset itself. Four cameras in the front face outward and can scan your room to set up a guardian area, or even show you the room. This is already an improvement over the external cameras the original PSVR needed.

The headset can also track your fingers, to a limited degree. In Horizon, I was able to hold my palm open, make a fist, extend a thumbs-up, and point with my index finger in real life and see my hand mirrored in the game. None of this was possible on the previous PSVR. The middle finger could also be extended in a peace sign on occasion, but in general, most of the rest of my fingers weren't articulated distinctly. In other words, no, I couldn't flip my captor off. 041b061a72


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