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Never Ending Love (Manas Dub) ##VERIFIED##

She does have a sweet side, however, which can be seen in her love of romance manga, specifically "First Love Memories," a shoujo high school romance story. She blushes and smiles when gazing at the panels, even though she can't read them herself. Whenever this topic is brought up, she tends to get embarrassed easily and is likely inexperienced in romance. This is especially true in regards to her love life. After realizing her feelings for Iruma, she has since become more shy and bashful in his presence yet tries to maintain her tough image, making her somewhat of a tsundere around him, but aware of her feelings for him. She's also developed a running gag of misunderstanding some of what he says as romantic when he never said anything like that and Ameri realizing that he never did say such things when he points it out.

Never Ending Love (Manas Dub)

Because of her duties to the student council, Ameri has a very busy schedule and rarely has time for herself. When she does, she enjoys spending time with Iruma and having him read "First Love Memories" with her. Although she forced him at first to read it (and due to Iruma unable to deny requests from others), she later learned to give him choices of his own, but continues to read them to her due to him liking doing so. Furthermore, her responsibilities also made her realize that prior to meeting Iruma, similar to Clara and Iruma, she never had any friends since entering school. However, over time she seems to have formed her own friendship with Valac Clara, Crocell Kerori, and Ix Elizabetta during a girls-only sleepover and allowing her to relax and befriend them.

In the 2003 anime, Alphonse gains the ability to transmute without a circle in another manner - by becoming the Philosopher's Stone himself due to Scar's machinations. At first, this seems like a boon because the properties of his armor are changed and his blood seal becomes impervious to damage, but it becomes apparent that Alphonse, as the stone, reacts dangerously with any nearby transmutations and loses a physical part of his body whenever he is used directly as an alchemical amplifier. In Conqueror of Shamballa, Alphonse's alchemy takes yet another transformation. Now unable to transmute without circles, he wears a pair of white gloves with transmutation circles in order to use alchemy quickly - emulating his older brother. Additionally, due to the instability of his soul after having his body changed so many times (from human, to steel, to Philosopher's Stone and back to human), Alphonse has gained the ability to split his soul into pieces and insert them into inanimate objects to act as golems. While in this state, he is able to see from the perspective of and communicate through his various avatars.

In Clock Tower 2015, Lev Uvall considers Touko to be the only person he sees as a friend. When Ms. Norwich informs Lev about his guest who refers to herself as Miss Aozaki. He was happy purely because a friend with similar thoughts, skills was visiting and he had not heard about her in years. Lev thought he would never see her again. He was restless because he was looking forward to discussing magecraft with her in great length and details. Lev had no experience to comprehend such luxuries as love. When he meets Miss Aozaki, it turns out it was Aoko.[17]

With Usagi preparing for her high school entrance exams, Mamoru suggests they don't go on dates after she performs poorly on one of her tests, which leaves Usagi in tears. After Usagi loses her ability to transform into Sailor Moon after her brooch is damaged by a Daimon, Mamoru attempts to cheer her up by showing her an abandoned house full of stray cats. Tuxedo Mask protects her from the Daimon Nekonneru while she is unable to transform and tells Usagi to run away, but she refuses. Instead, she stands with him holding his hands and, when the Daimon attacks, it is completely repelled and their loves creates the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. On her birthday, Usagi got disappointed at Mamoru for not knowing what day it was, even though she never even formally told him when her birthday was in the first place. She wanted Mamoru to buy her a pair of glass shoes she liked. Mamoru eventually found out and bought the shoes, which Kaolinite infested with dark energy. The glass shoes turned into a Daimon, which Mamoru tried to defend Usagi from as Tuxedo Mask. Mamoru was temporarily captured but was freed by the Sailor Senshi.

Due to the circumstances of her "birth", she sees Rhinox as something of an uncle-figure and Cheetor as the sibling she never had. She devotes most of her efforts, however, to taming the wild yet gentle Tigatron. She shares his love for the beautiful planet on which the Maximals are stranded, and it is on this planet where their destiny will be forever intertwined.

Tigatron eventually committed ritual suicide over what he'd done, only to be revived by the energies of the sparks released by the obliterated Rampage. Airazor was also among the revived, but as a mindless zombie. Beast Wars Metals #5 She did battle with Tigatron, who did not want to fight the robot he loved. With no other option, Tigatron gave the evil Airazor one of his katana and knelt down. As the zombie-Airazor struck him with the sword, Airazor's spark entered Tigatron's body. In cyberspace, the two embraced and vowed never to be apart again. As their sparks merged, they became Tigerhawk. Beast Wars Metals #6

Ellen is very prideful about being "The World's Strongest Wizard". According to Westcott, Ellen made a vow to never lose to any opponent, even if it is the atrocity that kills the world. She appears to be completely convinced of her own invincibility, claiming no one in the world can defeat her and claiming without a doubt that if she weren't wounded she would have won against Tohka in her Inverse Form. She also believes that she has no faults, seemingly unaware of the fact that without a Realizer she is in fact very clumsy and physically weak, as stated by Mana. She also has a huge ego that twists some things so it will make her seem strong, claiming she defeated Nia while in fact she only caught her off guard through a sneak attack. Ellen seems unwilling to accept her losses, after her first attempt to abduct Tohka failed, while accepting full responsibility for it in front of Westcott, she internally blamed James A. Paddington and the students of Raizen High School for the blunder. Ellen also felt humiliated when Shido, controlled by all the Reiryoku in his body, condescendingly flirted with here while easily resisting her Territory, causing her to swear vengeance. Ellen also has a habit of continuously stating her title to others.

However, Kalim just notes that Horohoro is still not fighting at his full strength and charges towards Horohoro, crushing all of his ice and Over Soul. He tells him to reveal his true self, something Horohoro has never done.[5] Calling him by his birth name Usui Horokeu, Horohoro becomes angry and proclaims how he threw it away a long time ago calling it a name of a bastard who would kill the only girl he loved.

Despite becoming able to love people, ever since Carl died, Lith didn't treat anyone in his life as a person, just a piece of a game where he sets the board and makes the rules according to the circumstances, never giving them a voice in any matter. Moreover, he was hindered by the past, always worrying and never taking the time to be happy. He realizes this thanks to Quylla after his breakup with Kamila, and makes a conscious attempt to care more about other people's feelings.[25] 041b061a72


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