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Nas Life Is Good Itunes Zip

There's no handy web server transfer, but you can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box to import comics instead. If that's not good for you, you can also transfer files from a computer using iTunes or Finder.

Nas Life Is Good Itunes Zip

When it comes to importing comics, you can sync using Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive. Or if that isn't good enough, plug your iPad into your computer to sync comics using iTunes or Finder instead.

This app includes support for file transfer over Wi-Fi, downloading from cloud services, importing via AirDrop, and good-old-fashioned iTunes or Finder file transfers. However, to import more than one comic at a time from cloud services, you need to shell out for an extra in-app purchase.

Another digital comic book store, Madefire offers access to DC, IDW, Dark Horse, Oni Press, and more publications. The most exciting feature in Madefire's digital comic reader is its flagship "Motion Books" reading experience. This makes full use of the iPad to bring comics to life with interactivity, sound, and animation.


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