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Where To Buy Glass Test Tubes

Glass test tubes for science, kitchenware, crafts, gifts, wedding decorations or product display. Our tubes are thick-walled borosilicate glass that are food safe. All come with round bottoms and are machine washable. Thick reinforced rims & optional tall tapered corks ensure airtight stoppering or make convenient hanging plant propagation stations. Indigo test tubes are completely blank top to bottom for custom branding.Buy just a few of one or more sizes to try out your cool idea & then get them in bulk with 50% off wholesale pricing. Save even more with our cork stopper bundles.

where to buy glass test tubes


Glass test tubes, like graduated cylinders, Erlenmeyer & volumetric flasks, are common pieces of biology and chemistry laboratory testing equipment. Our lab quality test tubes are made with borosilicate glass, ideal for its resistance to high temperature & chemical inertness.

Applications range from growing tissue and bacterial cultures to root cuttings, measuring pH or observing chemical reactions. They come as small, medium or large capacity tubes suitable for mixing, heating or even product packaging and display. All Indigo glass test tubes come with beaded rims for spill-free pouring and repeated safe stoppering. Our larger thick-walled 25, 32 & 38 tubes will tolerate prolonged boiling.

Being made of borosilicate glass is not a guarantee of quality of itself. Uniform test tube wall thickness is essential for safety, durability & repeated use, maximum heat transfer and chemical resistance. The average wall thickness of Indigo Instruments borosilicate glass test tubes are listed below for outside diameters (OD) of our tubes. Borosilicate glass culture tubes on the other hand are made with thin walls in order to be inexpensive & should be considered disposable test tubes.

Note (1): We do not carry graduated test tubes with beaded rims; the closest thing we have to offer are graduated cylinders.Note (2): We cannot guarantee our test tubes will fit your test tube rack. If this could be an issue, contact us first.

Besides wall thickness, our test tubes have reinforced rims for repeated safe stoppering. Our cork stoppers are produced in Portugal using sustainable growth practices. They are a truly natural product with excellent mechanical properties (see blog below in More Info). More importantly, these stoppers are produced according to the highest cleanliness standards backed by this certificate of cleanliness & cleaning procedures.

The top row in the table below lists the nominal outside diameter of our test tubes. The bottom row is the average height of the tapered cork stoppers that fit them. There is some variance in test tube internal diameter to allow for corks to fit anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of their height. Since cork is compressible across its diameter, these thicknesses help ensure airtight seals no matter what the ID variance is.

Indigo test tubes meet all the necessary specifications for use in chemistry labs. Specifically, resistance to most chemicals and thermal shock. This also makes them particularly useful in product packaging & display. Here are just a few of the uses our customers have found for our tubes. Not shown are bath salts, candy sprinkles, tea, cannabis, and wine. All tubes come with reinforced rims except where noted otherwise.

Glassware cannot be returned for any reason; this is for your safety and ours. It would be prohibitively expensive to test for bacteriological, chemical or radiological agents since there is no way to tell if glass has been contaminated just by looking at it. We would have to throw it away even if you claim to never have opened the package.

Borosilicate glass tubes, used with tight-sealed screw caps, are suitable for Laboratory Pasteurized Counts (LPC). These tubes can be fully immersed in a water bath and will not leak. Use to test for thermoduric bacteria, a type of microorganism that survives pasteurization but does not grow at pasteurization temperatures. The presence of high numbers of thermoduric bacteria in raw milk usually indicates poorly cleaned and sanitized udders, utensils and milking equipment. Thermoduric organisms can contribute to high Standard Plate Counts (SPC) in pasteurized milk and milk products. The LPC is performed by heating the sample to 62.8º C (145º F) for 30 minutes, followed by a SPC. LPC counts should be less than 250/mL.

These quality glass test tubes are made from borosilicatae glass. Borosilicate glass offers excellent durability and chemical resistance while also reducing pH changes and contaminants that are potentially leached from tubes made from soda lime glass. Six popular sizes are available. The bottoms of the tubes are uniform and rims are fire-polished. Packaging is neat with 250 tubes per box. They are shrink-wrapped in film to help keep them particle free.

Disposable and reusable, general-purpose glass and plastic test tubes suitable for a variety of laboratory applications. Products are available in various materials, volume capacities, and shapes, and may be sterile, non-sterile and/or autoclavable, and include caps.

Reusable borosilicate glass test tubes have high resistance to heat, thermal shock and chemicals, and are used for the most demanding applications. Soda lime glass test tubes are used for more general-purpose activities. Plastic test tubes are manufactured from polypropylene, or from polycarbonate and polystyrene for optical clarity. Some plastic test tubes are autoclavable, many are disposable.

Hyglos' endotoxin-free glass test tubes are applied to dilute or aliquot samples and are ideal vessels for the dilution of the endotoxin standard contained in the EndoLISA kit and for sample collection after EndoTrap endotoxin removal.

At our plant NAFVSM Andeville in France we manufacture round and flat bottom test tubes and screw neck tubes out of tubular glass. The test tubes are produced without a rim. Our standard screw neck tubes have a capalu16 screw thread. It is also possible to manufacture tubes according to customer specific demands.

The tubes can be produced out of clear or amber soda lime glass of the third hydrolytic class or borosilicate glass from the 1st hydrolytic class. During the production process it is possible to apply ceramic silk-screen printing in one colour on the tubes.

Our glass tubes are used in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, food, construction and petrochemical industries. Suitable applications are blood collecting, culture media, tasting kits, milk analysis and concrete anchors.

All the glass tubes can be provided with additional options like ceramic printing (one colour) and labelling. With our service contract manufacturing it is possible to fill and close the tubes. We can even pack them in customer specific packaging!

These medical-grade, autoclavable glass test tubes feature black threaded, rubber-lined caps. Heavy-duty screw-tops have a deep thread finish for an extra twist of security. Use in lab to store mushroom cultures, laboratory samples, and more.

Test tubes, plain glass round bottom tubes that are made of borosilicate glass to reduce pH change and contaminants potentially leached from soda-lime glass. The tubes are well annealed, resistant to heat and are chemically stable. Glass Test Tubes with rims are fire-polish

Endotoxin-free glass test tubes contain less than 0.005EU/Tube endotoxin. Catalog number T107505, T107530 and T105005 are recommended for use as reaction tubes in gel clot and end-point chromogenic assays. Catalog number T1310005 is recommended for dilution of endotoxin standards and test samples. T1050005C is a special designed short endotoxin reaction tube that allows the pipette tips reaches the tube bottom. T087510 and T087530 are for kinetic tube reader.

High-quality glass test tubes, and plastic test tubes are designed and constructed for optimal performance and excellent resistance to industrial scientific chemicals. Sturdy construction from borosilicate glass delivers a great range of operating temperatures. These precision-molded test and sample tubes are suited to a wide variety of applications, and are available in round- or flat-bottomed models. Easy-to-read graduations and labeling with all models. Minimal thermal expansion gives these test tubes high resistance to temperature changes.

I want to create some glass test tubes with semi transparent fluid content of some different colors. I'd like to see through test tubes on ones behind. There should be no scene background (transparent) and glass should be semi-transparent. Output is RGBA PNG 041b061a72


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