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Foley Shakers WAV

Introducing Future Downtempo: an expansive 616MB+ (1.3GB+ uncompressed) collection featuring elements of leftfield electronica, atmospherics, foley and organic textures. Including an assortment of Audioloops, WAV, and MIDI. Future Downtempo is the definitive collection for the discerning electronica producer.

Foley Shakers WAV

Latin Percussion is a collection of acoustic percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, timbales, claves, shakers, tambourines and bells from the worlds of Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and African music.

Monolith originates from recording natural and organic foley samples in the countryside, then layering them heavily with solid synthetic drums, real drums and tons of post processing (including a significant amount of Tape Pro).

Includes 650 sounds covering: bass attacks, bass kickers, bass tails, bells, clap layers, hi-hats, fizzes, effects, glitches, hand percussion, percussion, mid-attacks, mid-thumps and mid-hits, reverb tails, shakers, slaps, snares, snare rattles, top-attacks and transients. And about 100 presets to help you get started.

Percussa Toolbox features a set of standard percussive samples which are accompanied by an interesting collection of metallic sound effects and noises. The sounds come from various common percussive instruments such as cymbals, shakers, chimes, as well as some less usual ones such as ocean drums and a thunder tube.

Richard Gould (the author of the sound library) has used a set of uncommon performance techniques to get some truly weird sounds out of these instruments. The bowed cymbal samples in particular sound quite eerie and they can work great as tension builders or background effects in video projects. Generally speaking, the sounds included in Percussa Toolbox have great potential for use as musical elements in music production and cinematic composition, as well as a source of foley sounds and background noises in video related projects.

There are instruments of 4 types of shakers: Shaker 1 and Shaker 2: from 2 different cartridges and filled with 2 different types of sand (in the shaker 2 is more finer sand). Shaker 1 & 2 are as the name suggests, moving both at the same time. Shaker 3 is the most experimental sounding one, its the only one that was made of an empty plastic bottle filled with lots of small rocks and a little of sand.


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