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Can You Buy Movie Tickets In Advance

Buying movie tickets early can ensure that you get a seat at a crowded premiere or even get you a better seat if the theater you are going to has assigned seating. Try these different methods to get tickets ahead of time so that you aren't anxious about missing that film.

can you buy movie tickets in advance

From mid-May through November, New England Aquarium Whale Watches sail to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, a rich feeding ground for whales, dolphins, sea birds and other marine creatures. Stellwagen is home to many species of large whales, including humpbacks, finbacks, and minkes, and the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. New England Aquarium naturalists will share knowledge, answer your questions, and explain the fascinating behaviors of these truly magnificent mammals. Save 10% off Aquarium tickets when you buy combination tickets to the Whale Watch and the Aquarium on the Boston Harbor City Cruises website.

For these picky theater enthusiasts, getting an early ticket for a movie with a lot of interest is essential. Failure to do so can result in nosebleed seats well in the back or one-dimensional sound from having to sit to the far right of the film.Thankfully for the finicky film buffs reading, there are a number of different options to make sure you get your favorite seat well before the trailers begin to roll.

It's not necessary, but it would be in your best interest, due to seating preference. Those who order in advance get to choose what seat(s) they want. Those who purchase tickets in the theater, get whats left. Personally, I always order ahead of time online.

If you want to pick your seat you will need to buy the ticket in advance. I like the recliner seats, but I don't remember if they have to be bought in advance or not. I haven't been there in a while. There are showtimes that the recliner seat can be bought for $5.00 or at least there were when I went last time.

You do not need to purchase tickets in advance, they have tickets available either sold by kiosk or ticket agent. That being said, we usually buy our tickets through their website a few days in advance, because they fill up quickly. If you wait until you arrive, especially if it is at a peak time, there may not be seats available. All seats are assigned.

Showcase Cinemas is proud to be operating under our new Be Showcase Safe health and safety program, which has been developed and certified with J.S. Held, an environmental, health and safety firm led by noted toxicologists, epidemiologists and an Assistant Surgeon General, US Public Health Service (Retired). Sit back, relax and enjoy your movie in a clean, safe environment knowing that Showcase Cinemas is doing its part to help keep you safe. link to: -showcase-safe

You may book a private screening at any of our open cinemas. Choose from the latest releases or our catalog of classic bring back titles. Our special value private screenings are available for up to 20 guests for a limited time. Add your favorite movie snacks and make it an experience to remember! Please visit our private screening page for more details about this program, including how we are doing our part to help keep you safe in our cinemas.

If you are unable or unwilling to enjoy the 4D Motion EFX Theater experience or if you have any questions or concerns about this experience, please contact theater management staff before the movie and experience begins.

Showcase SuperLux at The Street in Chestnut Hill, MA is the newest Showcase experience offering luxury movie-going at its finest. Showcase SuperLux blends advanced movie entertainment, food and drink, technology, design, and service that promise to deliver an unparalleled experience. Experience Showcase SuperLux.

Event Cinema is offered at select Showcase Cinemas theater locations and allows guests to view special events on the movie screen. Experience live boxing matches, concerts from top musical artists, the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Ballet, and more from the comfort of your nearest Showcase Cinemas. To see what events are coming to your area and to purchase tickets, browse our Event Cinema page.

For the comfort and safety of our customers and employees, we do not permit costumed masks, face paint, weapons or any item that may make our customers feel uncomfortable or detract from their movie-going experience.Customers are welcome to dress in costume with movie related accessories; however, we reserve the right to visually inspect all items that our customers may decide to bring with them.

Showcase accepts a variety of contactless payment methods including credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. You may also order tickets and concessions in advance via our website and free mobile app.

If you have purchased tickets from prior to the start of the showtime you may click here to self-initiate a refund. You will need your booking id, email address and the theater location to complete the refund. If you purchased your tickets at the box office you need to contact us for a refund. Refunds will be issued to the form of payment used in the original transaction, including Starpass earned rewards. Only the ticket price will be refunded; service fees paid for online and mobile purchases are not eligible for refunds and charity donations are not eligible for refunds. Please allow 7 days for the refund to process.

If you purchased tickets via, you may self-initiate a refund prior to the printed showtime for any movie tickets purchased through the App. does not offer partial refunds or exchanges. Convenience Fees cannot be refunded. For a refund on your entire order not including the Convenience Fee, tap on Request a Refund found on your ticket confirmation screen in the App.

Ticket prices vary by location and may change based on time of day as well as available services and options. You will be able to view the total cost of your tickets before completing your purchase online.

Select locations allow you to print your movie ticket on your personal printer, at home, at school or in the office. This option will be available to select on the purchasing page. Take your movie ticket confirmation sheet to the usher who will scan the bar code for admission. is optimized to see showtimes, buy tickets and watch trailers from your smart phone or mobile device. Download free mobile apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android phones. You can also browse the web site on your mobile device at

While all theaters offer concessions, several of our movie theaters offer food as well as alcohol for purchase at your seat. Please view our dining options for more information on options available at your local theater as well as menus.

Several theaters with dining options will serve you at your seat. A server will provide you with menus and take your order when ready. Other theaters feature restaurants, bars, and food court concessions with the option to purchase your food and drinks outside the theater to take to your seat. For a list of available dining options at each movie theater, please visit our dining options page.

With the Starpass Program, customers earn a 10% reward on nearly every purchase including tickets, food and beverage. For every $50 spent on eligible purchases, Starpass members receive a $5 reward to spend on the purchase of their choice*. Membership is FREE and open to all movie patrons ages 13 and up. Starpass is available at all Showcase locations. Terms and conditions apply.

Yes. Starpass members earn 10% on food and beverage purchases including in-theater dining at participating locations. Members also earn rewards for purchase made on tickets at, the Showcase app, and partners including Fandango and Atom Tickets.

Showcase Subscribe is a subscription program where members can see either two or three movies every month for one affordable monthly fee. Members can make advance ticket reservations on the Showcase Subscribe mobile app. Download the app by searching for Showcase Subscribe in the app store or Google Play. There is more, Showcase Subscribe members can use their Showcase Starpass number to receive benefits on their monthly membership fee. Subscribe now!

We rent out theaters for a number of corporate events including meetings, conferences, product launches, and trade shows. Full service catering is also available. For more information on how to rent a movie theater from Showcase Cinemas, please contact us directly.

Yes! From our homepage (, select your theatre location where you wish to see the movie from the "Times/Locations/Tickets" menu. Browse to the movie of your choice and click on a show time in blue. Anytime you click on a show time, you will be sent to the ticket-purchasing page. * Please note that each online ticket is subject to a service charge. *.

There are several reasons why this may have happened. Here are some common causes:- Your internet service provider may block emails sent from addresses it does not recognize.- SPAM settings within your email account may block emails sent from addresses it does not recognize. Please add our email address ( to your address book to decrease the chance that an email confirmation will be blocked.- The email address may have been entered incorrectly.

Ticket prices vary from location to location and information can be found on the ticketing page for the desired film. For children under 2 years of age, we offer free admission. However, no children under 3 years of age are permitted in any theatre after 6:00pm for PG-13 and R-rated films.- Child tickets are valid for children from age 2 through 11 years old.- Adult ticket prices apply to those 12 years old and above.- Senior tickets are valid for adults 65 years and older.Not all ticket types are available for all performances and a 3D movie ticket surcharge will be added to the 3D ticket price. At the Paradiso Cinema Grill, no one under 17 years of age will be admitted to any film after 6:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays without accompanying parent, with the exception of IMAX films. Identification will be required at all times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the Desoto Cinema Grill, no one under the age of 17 will be admitted to any film after 8:30pm on Friday and Saturday without being accompanied by someone over the age of 21.How old does an individual have to be to buy his/her own R-rated movie ticket?Patrons must be at least 17 years of age to purchase his/her own R-rated movie ticket and proper identification is required.Can an adult buy an R-rated movie ticket for an underage child?Yes, only if both the adult and child tickets are purchased and the parent or guardian accompanies the underage child to the movie. However, this is not allowed at the Paradiso Cinema Grill, with the exception of IMAX films. At the Paradiso Cinema Grill, no one under 17 years of age will be admitted to any film after 6:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays without accompanying parent, with the exception of IMAX films. Identification will be required at all times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the Desoto Cinema Grill, no one under the age of 17 will be admitted to any film after 8:30pm on Friday and Saturday without being accompanied by someone over the age of 21. 041b061a72


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